Business Management & Organization Services

Do you find it impossible to manage and to organize your business? Gurl Friday Services takes pride in providing outstanding business management and organization services, such as information processing, project coordination and program management and event planning. Based in Marietta, Georgia, we are dedicated to providing you our services in and out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Information Processing

We have extensive experience in information processing. We draft and finalize correspondence on your behalf. Our detail-oriented team has the knowledge and ability to create and/or maintain databases. For large marketing projects or correspondence that needs to reach a wide audience, we perform mass mailings. We will take care of everything; beginning with setting up of addresses, printing labels, stuffing envelopes and even bringing them to the post office.

Our team will maintain your databases and mail merge spreadsheets on a long-term basis for ongoing projects, as well as sending the information back to you for one-time projects. We are highly flexible to meet your demands and have the skills and knowledge to help you meet your deadlines.

Services Include:

  • Database Management
  • File Conversions
  • Mass Mail Merge Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Transcription
  • Word Processing

Information Processing

We offer project coordination and program management on every level to suit your needs. We will roll out a new program from development to implementation, including risk assessment, presentations and training. In addition, we will design a new internal or external process and get it up and running quickly. We will even enhance and/or revive a current process you are using.

Our team offers a fresh perspective from an unbiased outsider-view of your current processes. We are trained in working with all levels of staff, management, partners and even vendors to move through the project coordination and/or program management schedule in an effective and efficient way.